Monday, November 1, 2010

The Day The Earth Stood Still

I remember as a kid the sci-fi movie, The Day The Earth Stood Still. There was a recent remake which didn't live up to the original as is usually the case. It was about a spaceman with a menacing robot, who comes down to earth to warn earthlings that unless they change their ways their planet will be reduced to a burning cinder. After being shot and captured by the military, he escapes and lives with a normal family trying to find a way to get his message out. The only way he can get the attention of the leaders of planet earth is to somehow stop time, and all mechanical devices to garner their attention. For the last twenty one months, the American people have done everything they can to get the attention of Barack Obama, the democrats that control congress and many in the republican party. The first attempt was voicing their displeasure for the bailouts and stimulus, along with the house passing cap and trade. Then there was the summer of 2009 town hall meetings, when angry Americans confronted seemingly deaf democrat congressional leaders about their opposition to Obama Care. The next attempt was putting conservatives in the governorships of Virginia, and bright blue New Jersey. In January even bluer Massachusetts elected a republican, Scott Brown, who promised to be the 41st vote against Obama Care, to the senate seat held by Ted Kennedy.  Nothing seemed to deter the arrogance of Washington as Obama Care was eventually brought across the goal line using trickery and deception.

Now we come up to election day 2010. The town hall attendees and Tea Party Patriots, the grass roots Americans that have been called racists, extremists,  Nazis and uneducated dolts are about ready to recreate The Day The Earth Stood Still. They are about to shock the political establishment to such an extent that even the most ardent left leaning ideologue will have to pay attention. Many left leaning pundits going into election day have tried to define this huge shift as a vote against the economy, and dissatisfaction with their own circumstances. President Obama has said that when people are scared they do irrational things. This is all condescension and political spin. They will all know exactly what it is all about on the morning of November 3rd. Many say that Obama will not move right, he is just too ideological. If that is true, he will still have to know that the American people have so rejected his agenda that if he doesn't move he'll have multiple challenges for the 2012 nomination and his defeat will be sealed.

The republican establishment will have to stand still and contemplate their future also. There will be dozens of new Tea Party lawmakers flooding the halls of congress, and how they welcome them will determine their fate in 2012. Will they try to marginalize them, or welcome their input. Will Sharron Angle, Rand Paul, and Marco Rubio be given a place at the table or will they be snubbed? If they are snubbed the republican establishment will be reduced to a burning cinder. This event will change the political landscape for a generation. Politicians will have to listen. Many will retire. Nancy Pelosi will be the first. Is anyone shedding a tear? As has been the case during the past few months, democrats who've overloaded the credit card are now preaching fiscal discipline and austerity and will continue that trend if they are lucky enough to survive the tsunami. Cap and Trade will be dead. Obama Care will look like an illegal immigrant bursting through the emergency room doors for resuscitation and intravenous feeding. Speaking of illegals immigrants, many will determine that a trek across a more secure border may not be worth the risk, and those already here may return home knowing amnesty is not probable.

The irony of this event is that Barack Obama who many anointed as the savior of America or at least a resurgent democrat party has reduced them and the progressive movement to a burning cinder. He took his anointing too literally and proclaimed "My Way Or The Highway," and now he and his agenda are headed down that, yet to be refurbished with stimulus money, lonely highway. I like what I heard Sarah Palin say recently, "There is nothing wrong with America that a good election can't fix." Now let's all watch with joy how the politicos react the day after the earth stood still!
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