Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Great Awakening Back To Liberty

  The elections of 2010 showed all the world one thing and one thing only. America is not ready to succumb to socialism and is still a center right country. No matter what the pundits say and how the administration contorts the results of the elections as being a failure of message rather than policy, it's obvious that America is not ready to ride the rails of socialism and out of control government. America woke up to the possibility of becoming another European socialist democracy with a constant high unemployment rate and an entitlement mentality that fosters public riots when reasonable leaders demand austerity and fiscal sanity. We are America for one reason and one reason only. We believe in the individual and their freedom to dictate their own success or  failure. Government was never intended to choose winners and losers, and divine providence was meant for every individual  to determine his or her fate rather than a bureaucratic pronunciation of right and wrong. Barack Obama rode the rails of discontent to the heights of the most powerful man on earth. But, 22 months in, and he is nothing more than one half of a one term president in the words of Larry Sabato. His lame duck presidency started on November 2nd and will continue through the next two years. He will be thwarted from every major agenda item he craves.

Now we will see if a rejuvenated republican party with grass roots Tea Party winners can buck the Washington hypnotics and restore this republic to what the founders intended of limited government and individual freedom. As impressive as the 2010 elections were for the conservative cause, it may be that this will take a two election correction. Even though the GOP had historic gains in the house, the senate is still questionable, and of course Mr. Obama in the executive seems destined to veto true reform and is hell bent on an agenda of larger and more intrusive government. The slide to socialism has been stopped abruptly, but the move back to the founders intend may be delayed until 2012. Gridlock may be the best we can hope for in the coming two years. It is a much more palatable meal than being force fed, while gagging, government raised fatty pork against our will . Intent will be the rule rather than the exception until 2012. If the GOP house brings up votes to repeal Obama care, and actually passes spending cuts that Mr. Obama vetoes, the stage will be set for a massive restructuring of government in the next presidential election.

One democrat victory may be a blessing in disguise. Harry Reid's victory over Sharron Angle, as unseemly as it may be, along with Nancy Pelosi's decision to fight for her leadership position will keep the three stooges, Obama, Pelosi, and Reid in the public consciousness for the next two years. What better poster children could the conservative movement hope for? They are the continued face of government growth and intrusion into every aspect of life, and should be exploited in every way possible for a complete repudiation in 2012. On the other hand the GOP should elevate some of the Tea Party victors, and demote many of the go along to get along establishment types. It's evident many of them will face well deserved primary challenges over the next two years. If the GOP leadership signals a willingness to compromise with Obama and the dems it will be their undoing, and will usher in the possibility of a viable third party with many victorious Tea Party law makers bolting. Only time will tell if the GOP bigwigs learned their lessons well over the past several years.

The next and more important question is, who will emerge as the standard bearer and presidential candidate to challenge the messiah for the reins of power. The primary process will be brutal but important to differentiate the true conservatives from the fake. They will be stepping all over themselves to signal their willingness to take a meat clever to the federal government and repeal most everything enacted in the last congress. Let's not be fooled by sudden epiphanies to fiscal discipline. Their records should be thoroughly scrutinized, and I'm sure the main stream media will oblige. The contrast to their kid glove treatment of Obama will be a series of well lubricated latex glove exams of anyone attempting to de-throne Obama, if you get my euphemism. Tea Party America will probably not go along with an establishment republican as the nominee. They want real change, and therefore the possibility of the mantle falling on a long time loyal republican will be nil, unless that candidate has been a constant and unabashed small government conservative.

Keep your eyes peeled for a Jim Demint or Sarah Palin type of candidate to emerge without it being Jim Demint or Sarah Palin. Although we shouldn't rule them out, because both are formidable and Tea Party favorites. Whoever the candidate is, they will need the endorsement of these two. Chris Christie has signaled he won't run, and I believe Tim Pawlenty and Mitt Romney are probably too establishment to get the blessing of grass roots Tea Party types. Haley Barbour may be under that same curse as well as Mitch Daniels. John Thune is an attractive conservative and Mike Huckabee is well liked but probably doesn't have the conservative cred to make it to the nomination. My ideal candidate is Marco Rubio, but I'm under no illusion that he would consider a run having just been elected to his first term in the senate. He more than anyone exemplifies American exceptionalism and what this country is all about, and would siphon many Hispanics from the democrat party. Then there's Mike Pence, a constant conservative, but seems to have a tendency to equivocate on occasion especially when speaking to the main stream media. 

The next two years will be full of ups and downs, and who knows if maybe an unknown may emerge. If Afghanistan is stabilized within the next year you may see a war hero like David Patraeus throw in. That's doubtful, but maybe that's what America needs right now. It's anyone's guess at this point, but we know whoever emerges must have the conservative credentials and moxie to defend liberty and push back government. Is there another Ronald Reagan waiting in the wings? We the People will allow nothing less, and we can thank Barack Obama for the great awakening back to liberty.
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  1. Don't forget Rick Perry -- Governor of Texas. He is not afraid to tell it like it is!

  2. My bad....Perry is an obvious contender if he decides to run