Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Travelers Revolt

The new TSA full body scans and enhanced pat downs are bordering on police state tactics, and the new congress should address this issue the moment they convene in January. One question I have that hasn't been answered yet, is why all of a sudden has the administration taken this tack? They say that the scanners are just now becoming available nation wide, but if you opt out of the scan then you're subjected to the enhanced pat downs. Why haven't they been doing the enhanced pat downs before the scanners were available if the threat is so real? Could it be that the pat downs are being used to condition the traveler to accept the voyeuristic scanners? I think so, and some in the TSA have admitted as much. The Christmas day pantie bomber tried to explode his groin almost a year ago, but they seem to just now be getting serious with these new methods. We know the scan manufacturers and investors have a huge lobbying presence in Washington. Could all this be another corrupting aspect of the federal government? Is there intelligence that raises the threat for the holidays? Or is this pay back from the administration for the Shellacking they took in the midterms? Are they trying to send a message to the traveling public, or has political correctness run a muck to the point of state sponsored voyeurism and molestation.  

One thing is clear. I don't think the American people are going to allow this kind of personal embarrassment and humiliation from this administration. There will be a revolt. If you think the town hall meetings in the summer of 2009 were raucous, wait until the demonstrations begin in airports across the country. There will be chaos. America has learned through this last election cycle that they can fight back, and fight back they will. It's curious that some of the left leaning politicians and media types that went ballistic on George W. Bush for warrant less wire tapping and the Patriot Act seem fine with this. The hypocrisy is staggering. The unconstitutional elements of these procedure are much more evident. Are the Matt Lauers and others that have begun to accuse the GOP of stirring this up simply running cover for the messiah? The planned boycotts will cause delays and ultimately hurt the airline industry, but that may be what it takes to take back our traveling freedom. 

Consider for a moment the disconnect this administration has with the American people. They filed a lawsuit against the state of Arizona for their new illegal immigration law. The crux of the law was to insure that if somebody was stopped for another violation the law enforcement officer could, if there was suspicion, ask the person of their immigration status. This in the administration's eyes, would lead to racial profiling and therefore is unconstitutional. Now they are requiring American citizens to not only show picture ID, but also pictures of their genitals or be sexually groped without any suspicion of wrong doing if we want to travel to Grandma's house for the holidays. They continue to say this is for our own safety. But apparently, God knows who, flooding across our southern border is not a big security threat. Their insistence on avoiding any type of profiling for airport security is taking away our constitutional rights, and not making us safer, while their false accusation  that Arizona's new law will lead to racial profiling is giving constitutional protection to illegals and would be terrorists.

They say terrorist should be given Miranda rights and civilian trials, and shouldn't be subjected to enhanced interrogation techniques. But, American citizens are now subjected to genital imagery and  enhanced pat downs which seem to me a stark violation of the fourth amendment, which protects us from unreasonable searches and seizures and requires probable cause and warrants before such searches can take place. Whom do they fear. It appears they fear the American people and consider them their enemy more than they do terrorists and illegals. That to me, screams of a Marxist, police state mentality, which seeks to control the populous through intimidation and humiliation. There's only one problem with their plan. The American people will not allow the big boot of government on our necks. That's why we are America. That's why the rest of the world still envies us. And, that's why 2012 can come none too soon.
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