Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Why The Left Wants The Mosque Built

It's instructive to everyone that the left has suddenly gotten religion. Yup, the far left has had an epiphany. The scales have fallen from their eyes, and Hallelujah, Glory To God, let's build a mosque.. Just like so many issues these days it all comes down to left versus right, the political class versus middle American sensibilities.  But, it's peculiar that the left that has made eradicating any form of religious expression their number one tenet of faith, now believes that freedom of religion should be their new equal rights amendment. That is of course until a high school valedictorian wants to include scriptures in his graduation address, or use school property for an after school prayer group. Maybe their new found faith is only applicable when the faith they're defending not only threatens the traditions and spirit of America, but this particular Imam they support wants to build a victory mosque on the sight of America's worst terrorist attack and jab a stick in the collective eye of all Americans. 

It's curious that the left whom have defended women's rights religiously over the decades, and abhors  paternalism, now defends Islam, that is beyond paternalistic but abusive toward the feminine mystic. Subjugation of women is now permitted, as long as the perpetrators have the same anti-American sentiment that they do. In other words, as long as they are America's enemy they are the left's friends. But you say, not all Muslims hate America. True, but Islam at it's core is antithetical to all things American.  Thus the overwhelming support from the left was inevitable.  Besides that, the left doesn't fault the radicals from within Islam for their murderous 9/11 attack. They fault America, and it's abhorrent foreign policy mistakes that they say have turned the Muslim world against us. Never mind that we've freed millions in Iraq, Kuwait and Afghanistan from tyrannical dictatorships. The left does not abhor tyranny, in fact they embrace it as evidenced by the current regime in Washington pushing an anti freedom agenda that will fundamentally transform America into a socialistic utopia. They want to crown government as god, and empower the political class to rule with impunity.

It's not all that complicated. The left wants to reward the Islamic radicals that conspired and carried out the worst terrorist attack in American history, because they believe like Imam Rauf, that we were accessories to the crime. We deserved what we got, and now Islam has every right to build their victory mosque on the graves of innocent, or as the left believes, "guilty and greedy capitalist" Americans.  It's not about religious tolerance that motivates the left, because they're defending the most intolerant of all religions. It's always about anti American ideology, and he who sticks it to America will have the left sticking up for them. Now it's up to the rest of us, to answer the call and stand up for America and it's traditions and values. 
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  1. Jimmy Carter and Zbigniew Brzezinski armed and trained the Afghan mujahideen. Carter also allowed the Ayatollah to come into power. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton believes that Israel should not be allowed to build settlements in its own country. Every misguided foreign policy position of the Obama administration can be laid at her cankled feet, from Iranian nukes to $1 billion in aid to Hamas. Clinton Secretary of the Treasury Larry Summers, who is currently Director of the White House National Economic Council for President Barack Obama, sponsored sharia-compliant finance initiatives at Harvard with Elena Kagan, our most recent SCOTUS appointment. Taxpayer-funded AIG engages in this practice and is being challenged in a Michigan court. Bloomberg LLC announced it is closing offices in NYC, London, Paris, Sao Paolo, Tokyo, Hong Kong and San Francisco and opening one in Dubai, which will be the regional headquarters for a Middle East and Southeast Asia hub tapping into SCF. There is a pattern here. Actions speak louder than words. Money talks and bull all of that. The teary-eyed speeches from Mayor Bloomberg voicing his support for this Ground Zero mosque has zilch to do with our founding principles or rights and everything to do with this charlatan padding his bottom line. He is campaigning with the Democrats for Joe Sestak in PA, because he is coming out of the closet (like an ax murderer) politically speaking. The Democrats likely had practical reasons for opposing the Iraq war, Gitmo, supporting show trials for KSM in lower Manhattan, publicized withdrawal dates and impossible ROE's in Afghanistan... you name it. "Bitter clingers" and a million other thoughtless remarks from a President who was friendly with domestic terrorist William Ayers and attended Rev. Jeremiah Wright's church for 20 years. The writing is there on the wall for anyone to read plain as day. The decision to make this fall in the voting booth is black and white and not in the way the MSM would have you think. Anyone who has seen Mr. Smith Goes To Washington knows what we are up against. God bless and protect you, America. You find yourselves at the crossroads.