Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Lack Of Cojones

  Sarah Palin's appearance on Fox News Sunday has seemed to start a firestorm of conversation about Obama's manhood, or should I say lack thereof. Sarah said that Jan Brewer has the cojones that our president lacks for not enforcing immigration laws. Leave it to Sarah for putting it in blunt and illustrative terms. We could only wish that republican members of congress were as courageous and out spoken as she. When it comes to challenging this president the ones stepping up to the plate and taking their swings all seem to be women. Sarah Palin, Jan Brewer, and Michele Bachmann have, just to name a few. Where are the GOP men that are willing to say what needs to be said? All this comes the weekend after the anointed one decided to show up and laugh and joke with the testosterone vacant women of The View, and their audience. Could anyone imagine Ronald Reagan sitting in a room like that, laughing it up with the likes of Joy Behar. Remember he stood up in a news conference and called the Soviet Union an "Evil Empire." He went to Berlin and told Gorbechev, "tear down this wall." Well, the rest is history.

Come to think of it, Obama's policies are estrogen driven. Don't be mean to terrorists, or call them names you might make them mad. Don't protect the borders or someone might think you're anti Hispanic. Remove our commitment to missile defense in Eastern Europe, you might anger Russia. Sit down and negotiate with Ahmajinedad. How many of you men won't let your wifes take the car in to be serviced for fear of unnecessary repairs and an enormous hit to your wallet. My point exactly. We love our women because they can sometimes be naive, too trusting and are full of empathy. Woops there's another Obama trait. We need supreme court justices with empathy, ala Sonya Sotomayer. Hmm. I think Sarah Palin is on to something. Can we trust the leadership and defense of our country to someone you wouldn't trust to take your car in to be serviced? I doubt Obama will grow a pair, I just wish the GOP men would, and not leave the obvious to Sarah Palin, Jan Brewer, and Michele Bachmann, the Maggie Thatchers of our generation.
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