Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Appeasement Continues

  President Obama's statement last Friday night to a group of Muslim leaders celebrating the start of Ramadan, about the ground zero Mosque continues the narrative of appeasement. Americans are tired of being lectured by this president on racial and now religious issues. The president failed to mention that the Greek Orthodox church that was destroyed when the towers fell has not been given permission to rebuild near ground zero. This is not about religious tolerance for this president, it is about appeasing the Muslim world in hopes that the radicals within their ranks will drop the sword from their hand. The idea that he would lecture Americans in front of a group of Muslim leaders about religious tolerance is incomprehensible. I feel confident in saying that among all major religions world wide, Islam is the least tolerant of them all. Their subjugation of women as well as their intolerance of religious diversity within the Muslim world should target them to be lectured to by an American president. But, I suppose you first need a president who believes in American values..

Our leaders have continued to espouse that we aren't at war with Islam. That very well may be true, but Islam is at war with American values and traditions. I'm not just talking about Islamic radicals, commonly known as terrorists, except by this president. But, Islam itself is add odds with us. Their belief system is antithetical to the values of our country and our constitution. There are moderate Muslims that don't follow sharia law, but they could be likened to Catholics that practice birth control, or Jews that don't follow strict kosher diets. They are actually the less sincere members of Islam. Many have been westernized and backslid in their Islamic dogma, and that could be why many Islamic radicals are targeting western civilization. They don't like the corrupting effect of western values on their intolerant religious beliefs. We have seen the videos of Taliban leaders caning women in the streets because their vale slipped and their face was revealed. We've heard of the stoning of women for adultery, while the male perpetrator is blameless. The Imam that is pushing for the building of this Mosque believes America should be Sharia compliant. Where is the outrage? Where is the left standing up for the rights of women and minorities? I can understand not wanting to alienate one billion Muslims worldwide, but at what price to the values and sensitivity of the American people. 

Health care reform, the illegal immigration debate, terrorist rials in New York City, bailout mania, and now this ground zero mosque debate. We have elected a president that governs against the will of a large majority of Americans, and doesn't understand American values and sensitivities. Remember he chastised those that cling to their guns and religion during the campaign, but now comes out in support of religious tolerance for an intolerant religion that was at the root of America's worst domestic attack. It's time the American people push back on an administration that appeases enemies and chastises American sensibility. No one I know believes in religious intolerance, but religious tolerance doesn't give a radical Imam the right to built a mosque on hallowed ground against the sensitivity of most Americans. Is it any wonder a recent poll suggests that Americans are unsure and confused about this presidents religious beliefs? November can come none too soon.
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