Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bush Bashing Will Backfire

President Obama and the democrats in congress in desperation have decided to go back to their default position of "Bush Bashing" for a midterm campaign strategy. They obviously can't run on their record for the last year and a half, so their intention is to interject the memory of George Bush into the discussion. The problem with this strategy is apparent to any thinking individual. Yes, George Bush was president when the recession started and credit markets were frozen, but the democrats had taken control of congress in January 2007. They immediately unleashed a spending spree that would dizzy any shopaholic. The recent video of Barney Frank from 2005, shows how he and other democrats kept pushing for home ownership through sub-prime mortgages in the midst of the housing bubble, while many  republicans were sounding the alarm. President Obama himself voted for every new spending bill that was before the senate. Bush was not without fault as he was hesitant to use his veto pen.

But the real mistake the democrats are making here is to remind all, that the Bush tax cuts, which were popular and helpful to a growing economy until late 2007, are under attack by only democrats. It is a reminder that  maybe George Bush was a president that liked to spend, but the democrat party is the party of Tax and Spend more. It is a reminder that whether they let all the tax cuts expire, or just those effecting individuals making $250,000 a year, they are and will be the impetus for less investment in private sector growth. The republicans should not take the, oh so clever bait, that Obama is dragging behind his sorry fishing vessel, looking for a foil to keep his butt on Air Force One in 2012. His admonishment that he will call their bluff when it comes to deficit reduction is simply code for, Are you going to get serious and come on board with tax increases or are you going to continue to give tax breaks to the rich?

The republicans on the other hand should use this Bush Bashing strategy to their advantage by reminding all that tax cuts over time create greater revenues as growth accelerates. They should continue their assault on the democrats for their intention of siphoning trillions more from the private sector through increased taxes and continued borrowing. As of now, I've only heard republicans say it is a bad idea to raise taxes in a recession. The implication is that it's OK when we aren't in a recession. Oh, how conservatives long for a new Ronald Reagan that won't fall into the progressive's trap of compromising solid economic positions. Tax hikes are never a good idea, and should always be opposed by thinking individuals. Starve the beast {government,} through tax cuts, and he must shrink. The democrats strategy is, Grow the beast, and then he must be fed through higher taxes. The GOP, if they are smart, can turn this into a tax and spend issue that resonates with voters.
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