Monday, June 28, 2010

Critical Mass Has Been Reached

  Could it be that critical mass is being reached for this president? A president who came into office with more good will than any president in the our recent history. Could it be that the bloom is off the rose, and the worm has turned? The clear volume of unexpected and disastrous events just in the last few months has revealed many chinks in this presidents armor. The revelation that Mr. Obama is acquiring low marks on the leadership front, and doesn't seem to be able to adjust his rigid ideology to tackle immediate problems is taking it's toll on his presidency and the country. Many I've talked to who were open to his presidency have now revealed when the president's face appears on TV they immediately change the channel. The tongue in cheek riddle,  "how do you know when someone is lying? see his lips moving," has gripped many who now have forever turned against the messiah. It's almost impossible for a public figure to regain the trust of those with that level of repulsion. It happened to George Bush because of Iraq, and the media hysteria because of Katrina. Even though the surge was successful, and the federal government pumped billions of dollars into Louisiana  he still receives low marks for both. 

Obama's response to the Gulf oil spill and the Arizona immigration law are revealing just how rigid his leftist agenda is. The revelation that he told Jon Kyl, {the Arizona senator,} that he wasn't inclined to enforce the border because he believes it would hinder the prospect of comprehensive reform  is extremely cynical, and reveals a president unwilling to carry out his oath of office except in pursuit of a political victory. His decision to place a moratorium on all deep water drilling, even though the obvious economic impact to the Gulf region will be immense says he doesn't really care about those in the Gulf, because they aren't his natural constituents. He'd rather capitulate to the environmental extremist who are. His slow response to the spill,  his continued indifference, and his "don't let a good crisis go to waste" approach, which he is using to try and pass an ill advised and economically disastrous cap and trade bill, isn't sitting well with the public. 

He continues to tout the stimulus as saving us from certain ruin, while a vice president zips hither and yon claiming it's success while rebuking business owners that dare to challenge him. Most understand the stimulus was a complete debacle, and they have turned a tin ear to the administration prolonged exaggerated and deceptive, saved or created jobs numbers. His most recent rebuke by European leaders at the G8, G20 summit because of a continued spending binge is somewhat ironic, seeing the anointed one was only trying to emulate their decades old socialist models.  It appears his heels are dug in and he's going to do everything he can to bring this country to the brink of economic insolvency and social chaos to elevate the crisis and therefore elevate the governments need to intercede. When several well known and reputable commentators floated the theory that he's trying to break it so the government can move in to fix it, most were skeptical. The number of skeptics is decreasing precipitously. 

There is one ray of hope. While this administration continues on the path to use crisis to obtain power, the American people are wising up. They are beginning to use the same principle for themselves. They see a crisis presidency, and because of that crisis presidency there is a great opportunity. An opportunity to mobilize the until now, sleeping patriots. Those conscientious Americans that believe in our founding principles, but have heretofore been too busy living them to get involved in the somewhat messy business of politics. Ironically, what this president has orchestrated to obtain power for himself and his cronies may ultimately backfire and bring power back to the people. As more Tea Party and patriot groups emerge with the fervor of  angry warriors, the likelihood of a more conservative ascendancy grows. A recent Gallop poll shows that conservatives now outnumber liberals by more then two to one. Should the congressional leadership and the executive branch be dominated by liberals when the country is the complete opposite? 

Conservatives generally keep to themselves, live their lives and raise their families. Liberals, who are a distinct minority have always been motivated to change things around them and impose their values on others. That may be why leadership in Washington is decidedly liberal. But, this administration has stepped over the line with their big government, freedom killing agenda. It's akin to a bully on the playground that taunts those around them, and they are mostly ignored. That is until they start affecting the lives of their victims to the point where the victim starts to fight back. Conservatives have reached that point and they now understand that their way of life is under assault. This president may well become a success in one regard. He may usher in a conservative majority in congress for decades to come. America will never forget the dangers of electing extreme liberal leaders that threaten our freedoms. Conservatives need to take to heart the words of Rahm Emanuel, "never let a good crisis go to waste."
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