Saturday, June 19, 2010

Rush Was Right

  We are by now all aware of Rush Limbaugh's famous four word statement, "I hope he fails," in referring to the Obama presidency. Those four words set off a firestorm of controversy on the cable news and Sunday shows at the very beginning of this administration. Liberals went apoplectic and even republican lawmakers denounced and ran from it. What a difference 18 months makes. Rush's sentiment has gained speed and many of those who were willing to say, "he's our president, he must succeed for the good of the country," are now rethinking. There is a sea change dynamic in our approach to this president. Many now believe that he must fail for America to regain it's philosophic as well as economic exceptional ism. "Change you can believe in," has become a euphemism for radical restructuring of everything American. This president along with the enabling  democrats in congress have so far successfully begun to change our country  from an opportunity society,  into an entitlement society. Reagan's soaring rhetoric about a "city set on a hill," coupled with "morning in America," has now been replaced with the stark reality of America's decline.  

The destruction of wealth, high unemployment, lower standard of living, except of course for the ruling elite, along with  a hopeless feeling for the future amidst staggering deficits that amount to generational theft, has gripped us.  This president has declared war on free market capitalism, except for those large conglomerates that have succumbed to his agenda and decided to play ball for the survival of their bottom line. Cronie capitalism prevails while free market capitalism is attacked. Play ball or we'll crush you, is the mantra delivered to CEOs behind White House closed doors. BP was rumored to shortly come out and endorse an Obama form of cap and trade before the tragedy in the gulf. Maybe that was the reason they were given favorable regulatory oversight leading up to the mother of all spills. Now of course the ire of this administration is on full display. Much of that is to deflect the administration utter incompetence in their response to the spill. BP decision to set aside 20 billion dollars to be dolled out at the behest  of a third party to gulf unfortunates without the proper litigation is instructive of a thuggish regimes heavy handed diplomacy on corporations. If only the, "do this or else" approach was forthcoming to rogue regimes and despots we could all applaud it. But of course Iranians with nukes, and Islamic extremists are not our enemies. Greedy capitalists and Tea party activists pose a greater threat.

Not only did BP agree to the slush fund, but they also agreed to a 100 million dollar fund to pay lost wages for gulf oil workers unemployed because of this administration announced moratorium on all deep water drilling. This amounts to redistribution of wealth on steroids. Imagine the implications of this. The administration announces a ridiculous moratorium, which furthers their cap and trade agenda, and throws thousand into the unemployment lines. Then, they demand the villain, "BP," already bowed and begging for mercy because of the knee capping it's already received, to pay the wages of the unemployed oil workers. I'm amazed that many are applauding this administrations ability to extract everything they can from BP without pushing them to bankruptcy, which would not be in the administrations interest. Is no one troubled by the lack of proper litigation? Maybe the judicial system is unnecessary during a thugocracy. This is all reminiscent of the Chrysler bankruptcy where the thug in chief shafted the preferred bond holders in favor of his union buddies, and in essence over ruled current bankruptcy laws.

If this administration can cut deals with big business, like they did with big pharma in the Obama Care debate, and many of the Wall Street giants in the financial regulation bill, then they will leave you alone and let you survive. Just be sure you keep the campaign cash flowing. By now most know that Obama was the biggest recipient of BP and Goldman Sachs campaign cash during the 2008 election cycle. The real assault is on small business owners. If you can't do anything for me and my agenda then we're going to extract everything we can from you. We see that in the upcoming tax increases that will take effect the first of January, and in the onerous increases in health care expenses for employees stemming from Obama care. Small businesses  are the engine of our economy. They are the solution for high unemployment. They are the epitome of the entrepreneurial spirit that built this country and made it great. Small business owners are those who took a risk and seized opportunities. They employ their neighbors and family members. they go out of their way to provide a product or service that the American people need or want. As a result they create wealth for themselves and those around them. Wealth creation is essential for a vibrant economy. 

We all remember when the 9/11 commission report came out and they stated..... "Al Qaeda was at war with us, but we weren't at war with them." We all need to understand that Obama is at war with free market capitalism. Free market capitalism needs to be at war with him. It's time to take the challenge and push back with everything we have. We need some George W. Bush resolve. It's time to say, "bring it on." The next battle takes place on November second. We need to win this battle if we want any chance at winning the war. We have to give to candidates that believe in an opportunity society, and are repulsed that we are plunging headlong into an entitlement society.  There are great conservatives seeking office in both the house and the senate. Let's support them with our time and money. We must all hope he fails, and never forget that Rush was right.  
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  1. This fine article lacks UMBRAGE. The country lies bleeding and gutted, where is the moral outrage? More than Obama, the story should shift to why Americans are tolerating this garbage so passively. This is the real issue now. Why are we allowing this playground bully slap us silly?

  2. Seriously? You believe Rush Limbaugh? Let me tell you something. This drug addict would be on the other side of the political fence if the pile of money was bigger. He plays a character on the radio.