Saturday, March 13, 2010

The War Is On!

As the democrats continue their march toward Obama care, and wavering members have their elbows reset after excruciating arm twisting tactics and gimmicks, something has gone unnoticed and under reported over the last week. The budget deficit for February hit an all time high for a single month of 220.9 billion dollars. This is 14% higher than the previous record set last February. The deficit through the first five months of fiscal 2010 is now 651.6 billion.... a whopping 10.5% higher than last years record deficit for the first five months, and on pace to surpass last years total record deficit of 1.4 trillion dollars. These number are so staggering and portend for extreme pain to every American taxpayer far into the future.

The stimulus bill which the president said was needed to keep unemployment under 8% has been a complete disaster when you look at revenues for the first five months of 2010. Revenues to the federal government were 800.5 billion...down 7% over the first five months of 2009. So even though we were shedding jobs at around 700 thousand a month last year at this time, revenues have fallen dramatically this year. Some of that can be explained because of tax credits which amount to about 100 billion in the stimulus bill so far....But, that includes 7 months of that amount being credited for fiscal year 2009. And as of February 1st of this year, only one third of stimulus money has been spent. Private wealth is shrinking as government continues to grow at a repulsive rate.

This president has presided over the two largest monthly deficits in our nations history. The second biggest being February of 2009 his first full month in office, and now the largest monthly deficit, February of 2010, one full year after the stimulus was signed into law. February is traditionally a large deficit month, with tax refunds being sent out, but that doesn't explain the growth in deficits from last year to this year. It is well passed the allotted time to blame the previous administration for the mess they inherited, when their signature issue the 787 billion dollar stimulus was, according to them, the way out. The CBO has now estimated the price tag has now risen to 862 billion, an additional 85 billion. But, what the heck, what's another 85 billion between friends. 

If their stimulus bill is growing because they underestimated costs and unemployment, why would anybody think that Obama Care would be any different? This president is spending not only our children and grand children, but our great, great, great,  grand children into an unsustainable hole. Everyone's standard of living will be lowered and the American dream will be buried for generations to come. As government continues to suck dollars out of the private sector at warp speed, it is up to those of us who believe in freedom and self government to stop the runaway train before another massive entitlement, "Obama Care," becomes law. Freedom can only be secured if those who believe in it are willing to fight for it. The harm to this economy and our institutions through the first year of this administration should be enough to motivate the American spirit and activate patriots to say, "enough is enough, no more will be tolerated." Battles have been won in New Jersey, Virginia, and Massachusetts, but the outcome of the war is still in question. It's obvious that this president and this congress have declared war on American exceptionalism, and our way of life, and a few lost battles hasn't slowed their resolve. 

We all believe that November could be a game changer, but, if Obama care is signed into law before then, the chances of repealing it are slim to none. Even if the mid terms throw the democrats out of the majority it would take a two thirds majority against Obama care to over ride a veto of its repeal. And, we all know that Obama would veto it's repeal. He has signaled he's willing to forgo a second term to get his agenda passed. As a god unto himself he'll do everything he can to remake America into his image and likeness. As patriots and freedoms lovers it is our obligation to stop him.
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