Thursday, March 25, 2010

The War Intensifies

Let's take a look at the political atmosphere since the passing of Obama Care on Sunday. We have democrat congressmen making claims of racial and sexual slurs leading up to the final vote in the house. Republican lawmaker are promising to repeal and remake this bill. Attorneys generals from all over the country are filing lawsuits against the constitutionality of Obama care. You have angry voters leaving less then civil messages on lawmakers voice mails. The sycophant media is running with that story and hyperventilating over it, while during the Bush years they were restrained in their coverage of vitriol and threats. And of course you never hear of threats against the Limbaughs and Becks of the world, even though Beck has been counseled to wear bullet proof vests at certain events because of the seriousness of the threats.

Finally, republican Eric Cantor came out today and announced that he has been receiving threatening emails and his campaign headquarters was actually shot at. He said he's always received threats for his policy positions and because he's Jewish, but has resisted the impulse to make them public for fear of inciting more. Not so with the democrats who seem to have fashioned a coordinated effort to marginalize opponents of Obama care with carefully crafted announcements and news conferences, inferring that the Tea Party folks are dangerous to their safety and branding the republican lawmakers as winking at it. 

Cantor in his statement today condemned DCCC chairman Chris Van Hollen and DNC Chairman Tim Kaine as using these incidents as media vehicles for political gain, by trying to brand the republican leadership as instigating it. MSNBC has had non stop coverage inferring the republicans are propagating a culture of violence. Today president Obama, instead of trying to heal the divide after his victory on health care mocked republican lawmakers, and challenged them to, "go for it," meaning try and repeal Obama Care. The most absurd media invention is that Sarah Palin is inciting violence because she posted on her facebook page a map showing democrat districts that are vulnerable because she and McCain carried them in 2008. They were marked with a dot, and  cross hairs. Apparently they think this is a subliminal  message to the tea party, excuse me, {tobacco chewing, gun toting, trigger happy red necks} folks to go ahead and take shots at them. I guess the huge store chain "Target" will have to change their logo so as to not incite snipers.

Let me ask you one question...What ever happened to no more red states, and blue states? What ever happened to post partisan? Whatever happened to transparent and accountable governing? Actually that's three question, but my point is the well has been poisoned. Obama has even soured the bipartisan efforts of moderates like Lindsey Graham, who was willing to sell out republican principles by crafting an immigration, excuse me, amnesty bill with democrats. Obama was absolutely right when he stated way back when, that health care had to be bipartisan and can't be passed with a 51% majority. The lawmakers that are claiming they were spit in the face, and verbally abused, metaphorically spit in the face of the overwhelming majority of Americans that opposed this bill. They arrogantly displayed their true intentions of dismissing the will of the American people while they shamefully pursue their radical agenda without regard to process and decorum. They show complete disdain for their opposition  and now are trying to marginalize them as well as the republican opposition as violent and instigating violence. The end justifies the means, and now that Obama Care has passed they have to completely discredit the opposition to have a remote chance of retaining their majorities this November. 

Obama also stated, way back when that if you passed sweeping legislation in a partisan way that you'd lose your ability to govern. Obama as the messiah may be overstated, but that statement is very prophetic. His ability to unite us in any meaningful way has been destroyed. We are in for a long hot summer, of charges and counter charges leading up to the most important mid term elections in decades. The battle lines are drawn. The republicans will run on repeal and remake, the democrats can't run on the merits of Obama Care because there are few to be found, so they must discredit and demoralize the opposition. An apparent Alinsky tactic, to say the least. This president who promised to bring us together around common interests has divided this country and placed a gulf between the parties that even Evel Knievel wouldn't attempt to jump. And he's angered millions who not only reject his agenda and his way of governing, but now he has disparaged them to the point of red hot rebellion. 

They may now try to jam through an amnesty bill because he knows he's lost the independents, and he needs  to bring another 12 million new voters, indebted to him before the midterms. The political reality of succeeding on immigration after a new congress is seated in 2011 is slim to none. His only hope of reelection is 12 million new Obama worshipers, or of course the republicans snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, which is not unheard of. Of course jobs and their creation is not on his radar. His disdain for the plight of the unemployed is exceeded only by his quest for governmental power and growth of his progressive utopia. His resolve is set in stone, and the righteous anger of average American patriots is on the rise. The War continues, and intensifies, and cooperation and bipartisanship is lost at least until another presidential election. The eloquent rhetoric leading up to the 2008 election of Barack Obama was just that...Rhetoric!
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  1. If the amnesty bill gets into legislation there should be certain stipulations that must be adhered to. Keys to amnesty should include requirements such as a 6 to 8 year abstinence in national elections. Another would be 4 years until being able to participate local elections. Others, would be learning both the Constitution and Bill of rights. The other would be to learn English before getting a state issued driver's license.