Saturday, July 17, 2010

An Extra-Ordinary Candidate.

  I was invited last night to the house of Paul and Leanne Akers... If you've never heard of Paul Akers, he's a self made man with an extremely successful business that he started with his wife in their garage. He is running for the US senate in the state of Washington against the incumbent Patty Murray. He faces a tough primary challenge against Eastern Washington Farmer and ex football player Clint Didier, and the republican establishment candidate Dino Rossi. I first came to hear about Paul from his weekly radio program here locally called "The American Innovator." Paul's successful business started when he invented a small adhesive cap, called "Fast Cap" to apply over screw holes in cabinets. He was at that point a cabinet maker, master craftsman, builder of guitars, fine furniture, and homes. His company Fast Cap is an international product development company specializing in woodworking products. He also takes the ideas of others and helps them take their invention from the napkin to the store shelf. He is a proven leader that has actually created real jobs not imaginary ones.

I met Paul a week earlier at a Tea Party candidates forum and was impressed beyond belief. His no nonsense answers to audience questions showed his fiscal discipline and common sense conservatism this country is lacking. When my wife and I arrived early to the gathering at his house he met us in the yard and welcomed us into his home. As others arrived he gave us a short tour and history of his beautiful home and then invited all to walk around and explore the house themselves. As my wife and I were walking down one hall he came over to explain how the house was designed to allow natural light and as he passed by his bedroom he opened the door and said go ahead and walk in and look around as he walked away. My wife and I stared at each other with our jaws dropped and couldn't believe that this man whom we'd just met was opening his home in such a personal way. I joked with him later that an invitation like that might encourage some to open closets and look for skeletons. His response was I'm not perfect and I don't care, you can open my closets. How refreshing to find a man, not a politician, who is as unguarded and open as Paul Akers. He walked around the meet and greet interacting with everyone and answering their questions. I mentioned that my sons would love to see the house and he said bring them up anytime, someone is usually here.

My wife was skeptical that this may be a fund raising event, but during the discussion period he said you can give me  $10,000,  but you'd help me more by making an effort to tell two other people daily about my candidacy and encourage them to check me out. My wife was immediately sold, and understood this is not your typical politician. Paul Akers has become successful because he believes in the genius of the American people. The American people are what makes this country great, not the intrusion of a power hungry government. Sometimes people are so ordinary that their common sense solutions to problem solving make them extra-ordinary. Paul Akers is one such man. After spending ten minutes with him you feel like you've known him forever. He puts you at ease and you believe you can make a difference. Absent is the arrogant elitism we see in Washington today. Absent is the "I know best what's best for you" narrative that is rampant in the typical politician. Absent is the guarded and carefully chosen words that implies an effort to skirt both sides of an issue. I encourage all Washington residents to get involved with the Paul Akers campaign. I encourage all Americans nation wide if you can't give your time, send your money....Elect an Innovator, not a politician!..check out Paul Akers website..
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  1. Partisan Politics is ridiculous. Do you really believe the platform or are you just trying to win for winnings sake? Neither party cares about the country, they only care about their party.

    Do something original with your blog. They are many many bloggers much more interesting than you who take one side or the other. Come up with something original.

    Now you care about the debt? Then support higher taxes on the super wealthy. They create jobs? Then why are there no jobs? Obama is anti business? Then why has he bailed out the banks?

    This government has been purchased by big business. This cynical blog is not part of the solution.

    The Republicans had carte blanche during the Bush years and somehow did not manage to create Shangra La. Was 8 years not enough time?

    Grow a set and think for yourself.

    Aimlow Joe was here.

  2. Flamsey...Why don't you grow a pair and quite asking government to do everything for you...How about a little self reliance