Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Lame Stream Media..Redux

The Media bashing of Sarah Palin continues. Since my last post, Sarah Palin had a very successful weekend, with a national Tea Party convention speech, that was replete with Obama criticism and Reaganesque common sense solutions to the massive government programs and intrusion into the private sector. Plus, a Sunday interview with Chris Wallace that showed she has increased her fluency on many issues. But, what does the mainstream media concentrate on....Of course it was the fact that she had a few crib notes written on her hand, that she referenced during a question and answer segment after her speech...

Sean Hannity did a Google search on Monday and found that there were over 2,100 references to her crib notes...In contrast, Obama a week ago miss pronounced corpsman three times in a teleprompter read speech, {enunciating it with the P and S}. The Google search of that incident only found 17 references. The Media has once again shown it's complete bias and is becoming a joke to many Americans, as their obvious continued attacks on Palin attest. Andrea Mitchell who used to be considered a serious reporter seems to be sacrificing that assumption, with a mocking display of Sarah's crib note incident on MSNBC... Of course it probably won't hurt her like it should because the viewing audience of that Obama friendly network is almost non existence.  Chris Matthews also mocked Palin calling her a palm reader on his show, "Hard Ball."

Instead of really debating the substance of Sarah Palin's  speech, and appearance on Fox News Sunday, which a few networks did, the pro-Obama sycophants wanted to reduce the dialogue to a mocking diatribe that doesn't serve the public or their image well. Why are these networks, especially MSNBC, losing market share and viewership? It's quite obvious they have lost all objectivity and become this administration's lap dog, rather than democracy's watch dog. Palin Derangement syndrome has so affected their judgment, they seem to be willing to sacrifice their viewership and success to feed their addiction to this self inflicted disease. Soon a support group will be needed to address the dangers of a disease that could cost many reporters and networks their livelihood.

Sarah mocked back her mockers at a campaign appearance with Texas governor Rick Perry on Monday, revealing a palm with the words written "Hi Mom," on it. Her obvious amusement with the media's obsession with her destruction is going over well with most Americans. She seems to be able to laugh off most of this mockery which actually marginalizes their attempts at destroying her influence on the political debate. She is becoming a more serious player in the national debate, and the Media understands that. But, instead of a debate they know they will lose they continue their pot shots and mockery. With that kind of a strategy they will lose big time, and Sarah will be the eventual winner!

Update.....Robert Gibbs also picked up on the Palin mocking at the daily press briefing...They are as scared of Palin as the Lame Stream Media is..There was an obvious gasp at his mocking... This development came after the publishing of this post!
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