Monday, February 22, 2010

Cleanse the Justice Department.

Attorney general Eric Holder has admitted there are at least nine Obama appointees in the justice department who have advocated or represented terrorist detainees before joining the justice department. Of course he doesn't go into any real detail and only names two who have already been publicly known. The admission was in response to Senator Charles Grassley's question before a senate committee, but Holder has not revealed any other names. My first question is, Why is anyone who has represented or advocated for terrorist detainees involved in any way, shape or form with this justice department? Are we to believe that there is no conflict of interest or loyalties with these lawyers that obviously have an ideological affinity to the plight of terrorist? Conventional wisdom says that a lawyer can advocate for differing positions throughout his or her career without there being a conflict of interest. That may be true, but, when you have attorneys that are obviously cause driven, that ideal can be stretched to the breaking point

Prosecution of terrorist detainees is one of the primary responsibilities of this justice department. When Obama, on his first official declaration announced the closing of  the Guantanamo Bay facility, it was clear a new era in terrorist policy was being ushered in. And even though his commitment to close the facility in one year hasn't been reached, much of the public is pushing back. Polls show by an overwhelming majority the public doesn't want Gitmo closed. The Christmas day pantie bomber who came from Yemeni training camps, has had an adverse effect on the administrations goals on terrorism. A previous detainee released during the Bush administration from Gitmo, is reported to be a leader in Al Qaede in Yemen.

The decision to try KSM, the 9/11 mastermind as well as four others in New York City in civilian courts has received an even greater push back. The idea of New York hosting the greatest show trial on earth is now dead, and the idea of a civilian trial anywhere is in doubt. Eric Holder has admitted, that the New York civilian trials was his call, although every one knows that Obama had to sign off on that. The public is filled with angst about this president and his administration's dealing with terrorists, and already captured detainees. The decision to read the pantie bomber his Miranda rights after just 50 minutes of questioning, along with John Brennan, "the deputy national security adviser for homeland security and counter terrorism," statement that a 15 to 20 % recidivism rate for released terrorists was exceptable seems to many as unbelievable, naive and dangerous..

Now this revelation that at least nine justice department lawyers that have either represented or advocated for terrorist detainees are working in the justice department, is just more of the same, and shows a contempt for the actual fight we are in against Islamic extremists. Eric Holder's former law firm represented many terrorist, and he is the one calling the shots, and refusing to release the names of others associated with terrorist defense. It's time that the outcry be heard, and either Eric Holder resign or be fired. If not a clear conflict of interest, and or loyalties is provable, the very appearance to the American people is enough to demand he be replaced. Americans who are serious about the defeat of Islamic extremism and the threat of terrorism, stand up and be counted. Demand a cleansing at this justice department and the resignation or firing of Eric Holder.
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