Monday, February 15, 2010

Global Warming Hoax Is Dying

The newest revelation from a climate scientist seems to signal the global warming hysteria is falling under it's own weight faster than a D.C. snowstorm, and could possibly put an end to the sky is falling mantra we've been hearing for the last two decades. In a recent Mail Online article, professor Phil Jones made several astounding confessions. First, He says, that much of the data that supports the hockey stick theory supporting global warming has gone missing. Second, he conceded the world may have been warmer during Medieval times than now, suggesting global warming may not be man made. And third, he said since 1995 there has been no statistically significant warming. These three admissions are devastating to the global warming advocates. All this comes after the climate gate scandal that broke in late November. Professor Jones stepped down as director of the East Anglia's Climatic Research Unit after the leaking of emails that skeptics claim show scientists were manipulating data.

The widely accepted proposition that the earth is warming at a rate that puts all of us at risk, seems to have lost it's luster with much of the population. Recent polls, taken before these new revelations, seem to suggest the population is souring on the idea that man is the primary culprit for global warming. The very concept that the earth is heating may in itself be a myth, due to these recent revelations. The term scientific consensus always struck me as a bit presumptuous, seeing that science is something that is supposed to be a proven fact through controlled experimentation. So, consensus would intimate a lack of scientific proof, with many disagreeing with the conclusions. It's obvious that videos of Polar bears playing on melting ice rafts can be manipulated to suggest drowning and certain extinction. And all this comes with news that the actual Polar bear population increase is being suppressed by the global warming alarmists. School children were inundated with propaganda from multiple sources including the Oscar winning Al Gore movie, An Inconvenient Truth. I remember attending a back to school night for my sons freshman year in High school four years ago, where I was excoriated by the environmental science teacher, about the absolute certainty of man made global warming. 

Now as a freshman in college he has dorm mates trying to get him to attend global warming seminars that would adjust his thinking to the certainty of an apocalyptic warming trend, even though the science is far more shaky than just four years ago. The advocates seem apoplectic in their denunciation of all that would challenge their sincerely held believes of a catastrophic warming trend attributed to man made avarice and progress. The kind of progress that is bringing millions of starving and sick populations into a standard of living that would support their lives in an acceptable way. The cruelty of the global warming advocates position is a return to certain poverty for millions in developing nations as well as a lower standard of living for those in developed countries, through higher energy costs and less disposable income.

Every American would like to see a country less dependent on foreign sources of energy, and a shift to a new energy that is less expensive and less polluting. But, the idea that we're going to tax industry and American's into submission, for a new energy policy that isn't cost effective or even practical, to correct a mythical problem is not only cynical, it's fundamentally evil. Since the house passed a huge tax raising, energy killing bill last spring the American people have begun to push back. The same legislation in the senate hasn't seen the light of day, and is probably not viable in this election cycle. Because of that, president Obama has signaled that he may go the route of executive orders on a whole range of issues, but also to allow the EPA to regulate green house gasses more stringently, even without congressional legislation. This would be cynical and desperate, knowing that cap and trade is probably not a viable option at this point, and the window is rapidly closing on the federal governments attempt to seize as much power and authority as it possibly can before new elections further decimate their political capital.

Now here is the central question. Do these liberal politicians really believe that global warming is a danger to the existence of mankind? Are they looking out for our best interest? Or, is this just one more manipulation of sincere and patriotic Americans in an attempt to consolidate power to the federal government in another cynical way? With these new developments and revelations it seems that the later is the obvious answer. Any politician who continues to push a global warming cabal, while propagandizing receptive and impressionable children should be marginalized and defeated at the ballot box. Americans are losing trust in their elected officials at an astounding rate, and the global warming hoax is just one more reason to clean house of all that perpetrate lies, and work to lower the standard of living for all Americans. It's becoming increasingly clear this is a quest for ever increasing power. An even more tyrannical federal government, resulting in less freedom for all would be the end result.
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