Monday, December 21, 2009

Enough Shame To Go Around!

I read Michael Goodwind's column today in the New York Post and wondered to myself who is he trying to kid. His assertions that he voted for Obama because he felt he was the best choice available, and now he regards his campaign as a sly bait and switch, are nonsensical and ridiculous. I have no empathy for those who thought they were getting something that turned out be the real Barack Obama.  The excuse, they were deceived, is about as lame as the complaining serial cheater who doesn't see the character of the two a.m. bar girl until rolling over the following morning and staring into her face with regret. The monumental intoxication that leads to accepting with blurry eyes, something that turns into a four year fatal attraction is nobody's fault but the  hungry for love cheater, who doesn't discriminate his newest attraction.

It's true Michael Goodwin was not the only love starved high ball drinker, because millions of Americans, some moderate and some conservative, fell into the drunken trance that is now resulting in the remaking of America into a sloven couch potato where once a high energy athlete conquered foes and won the hearts of all the girls. This decline of freedom and the American way, is being presided over, not by a deceptive and clever magician who hid the monuments of his liberal construct, like a David Copperfield master illusion, but a political prodigy that was fairly upfront about his plans for America. 

Let's all remember, he told Joe the Plumber he thought it was a good idea to spread the wealth around. He endorsed cap and trade long before his election, and the Copenhagen debacle. When Charles Gibson remarked that lowering capital gains taxes, increases tax revenues, his response was it is still fair to take from the rich. His idea of health care reform was one of endorsing a single payer system, and he talked at length about that to union audiences. His vitriol toward corporate America and the free enterprise system was apparent in many of his early speeches and writings. His radical association, which the Limbaughs and Hannitys tried to warn us about, have now become the rule rather than the exception in the non senate confirmation posts of czars and confidants. Even Sarah Palin wanted to rat them out, but was nixed by the McCain campaign.

It is evident the mainstream media is still rolling over to see the face of the two a.m. bar girl and still liking what it sees, because their intoxication is non-stop. Their liberal alcoholism is a self inflicted condition, that ruins the lives of all they report to, and engenders favor  from the political elites. Many moderates and conservatives bought into the nonpartisan, and nonracial rhetoric that was just that. Rhetoric. But, they ignored all the warnings from those who actually took the time to investigate this political prodigy to find out exactly what was behind the articulate mask. Maybe they felt if they were too discriminating, they'd be labeled as racists. But, discriminating a man's policy positions in the fight for constitutional freedoms is anything but, and should be heralded as patriotic. When Americans fear that opposing someone's politics because of their race, is foolish, they've given new meaning to the word. And fools suffer fools, and so on and so on. Michael Goodwin made one very good confession, and confession is good for the soul. He said, even though he erroneously named Obama's campaign a bait and switch, "I voted for him, and shame on me." Well, I would like to echo that sentiment to all that now have buyers remorse. Shame on you. you can't blame Barack Obama for being who he always was.
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