Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Copenhagen: The New Flat Earth Society!

As Copenhagen heats up faster than Al Gores scenario for arctic ice, a new unsettling dynamic is taking hold of our kids. As a child growing up in the late fifties and sixties, I remember well the school house air raid drills. We jumped under desks and stood in door ways to avoid the unavoidable fallout from a soviet air strike, with that deafening sound of sirens blaring in the back ground. Movies like "On The Beach," that my family watched in terror as the world was systematically wipe out by nuclear winter, became the narrative. Children were told in winter time play, don't eat the snow there may be radioactive fallout in it, blown in from soviet nuclear tests.

The New dynamic that is terrifying kids and leaving them with a feeling of hopelessness is the apocalyptic pronouncements coming to us from the Copenhagen crowd. They're taught by environmental high priests and priestesses daily in the class room of their effect on a dying planet, whose imminent demise can be directly attributed to their life style and standard of living, which fills them with guilt, and worthlessness. How many of us have asked the wide eyed college student what their major is, and heard the reply, "environmental science?" How many have been told by a son or daughter, "why should I do my homework, the ice is all melting and we're all going to drown in ten years?" There seems to be a pervasive feeling among the youth today that progress is regressive, and growth and development is diabolical. When a child is told their exhaling of carbon dioxide is harming this, "so called," delicate and fragile planet, is there any wonder kids are having esteem problems. Their very existence is being questioned as a danger to the earth.

The protest signs at Copenhagen that show clocks ticking down to ten minutes before midnight, and demonstration of a dying planet needing CPR, sends a message to our children, that this globe we reside on is somehow superior  to it's citizens. The one thing this narrative does is remove from the consciousness of children their place in God's plan. They're taught to serve and protect a planet, rather than God and their fellow man. Progress and development that makes life easier and healthier for everyone, is shunned for a religious zealotry of a divine planet.

Now, I understand that the climate change cabal, says their intention is to ultimately save man from imminent destruction, but is that really their intention? They claim that deniers of man made global warming are like flat earthers. Recently, Al Gore claimed that global warming was as sure as gravity. Hmmm, I didn't know the law of gravity had changed over time as the temperature has. The flat earthers warned of sailing into the horizon for fear of falling off the earth, just as today's environmentalists warn of excessive travel and burning of fossil fuels is the path to our  destruction. Now let me ask you, who are the flat earthers? Those wanting to restrict and stop progress, through fear and intimidation, or those set on improving man's standard of living. Since when does unsubstantiated fear tactics make scientific or moral sense?

Why should we listen to those who  would limit our horizons and progress, and push a doomsday scenario, if we don't give them control over our energy consumption? No one is against   renewable energy, and the market place and  entrepreneurs will eventually bring them to us. But, until a viable alternative is available and cost efficient, why should we limit ourselves in the name of mother earth. The old soviet union wanted to limit their subjects mobility as a way to control their populous, just as today climate priests preach smart cars and bicycles while they fly to Copenhagen on private jets and rove about in limousine escorts.

There's an arrogance here that assumes the earths history of constant and repeated climate change is meaningless, because the climate we have now is the ideal, and any change would be catastrophic. Notice that since the temperatures have stopped climbing over the last decade, that global warming has been replaced with climate change. That to me signals that if a ten to twenty year cycle of reduced temperature occurs the "climate change crowd" would still be propagating a doomsday scenario. In Fact, in 1975 Newsweek magazine ran an article about global cooling and it's consequences. So it doesn't matter what the trend is, the alarmists are going to turn it into a coming apocolypse.. 

Why? Because they want the resources and the control. They want government to be in charge of energy consumption and development. They want to be pulling the strings and pushing the buttons. They want your standard of living lower, and your mobility restricted. They know when individuals become self dependent and successful, their control over them recedes, just like Al Gore's ice caps. They know just like any primitive  culture can be controlled through superstition, or should we say, "junk science," and fear, by propagating climate change, they gain control. If that's true, they can smack down wall street, anesthesize main street, and continue their limousine ride down easy street. Let's rise above that primitive culture, that acts out of fear from flat earth propagators,  and let's give our kids hope and a reason to succeed.

{ if you'd like to watch an amusing video on saving the planet click here...Caution: Adult language}

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