Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sarah's Showing Her Stuff

Sarah Palin is showing during her media blitz she's not what the main stream media has tried to make her out to be. She's not Caribou Barbie. She's not an unintelligent hick Alaskan. She's a confident and outspoken critic of this administration's agenda. I listened to her interview with Rush on Tuesday, and she articulated common sense responses to what the hand ringers would call complex and nuanced problems. And that's where the rub may be. They say she's simplifying complex problems. Joe Biden has said, "addressing environmental issues is more complicated than just drilling." Palin's response was, "It's not complicated, it's political," and "what is complicated about tapping into safe supplies of oil?"

Her contention is, if I can extrapolate from what she said, is that the democrat party is obviously under the thumb of extreme environmentalists, that have veto power over every energy extracting policy, just as they're under the thumb, or should I say fist, of the the unions, especially SEIU when it comes to economic policy. SEIU's president has been the most frequent visitor to the White House since Obama was inaugurated. Sarah certainly has substantial credibility when it comes to energy policy as ex- governor of the major energy producing state in the union, along with her history of taking on the oil lobby there.

Her approach to the economy, again takes on a common sense approach. Let's do what Reagan did when he was confronted with a worse recession in the 80's than we face now. Cut taxes and free up the private sector to create jobs and fuel the economic engine that doubled revenues to the federal budget in less than 8 years. What a novel idea. Do something that has proven to work, rather than something that has failed every time it was tried. That doesn't seem to be too complex to me. Of course we all understand that the anointed one and the democrats are not all about creating wealth, but redistributing it, even if it ultimately results in astronomical deficits, by killing jobs and shrinking the tax base.

We could go on and on, but the bottom line is, the left wants you to perceive her as unintelligent and unsophisticated. She's not ready for prime time. These issues are too complex and nuanced for an average American to dissect, thus leaving the policy decisions to only the Ivy League elites, that will solve problems through engorged brain cell activation, and nuanced articulation, coupled with decision making procrastination.

The next question is, why do they want to destroy her? That's an easy one. She represents what all liberals fear. A popular, attractive, conservative, pro life woman that lives what she believes. She's a serious threat to their power base. Prominent women must be liberal and pro choice, or destroyed. Remember Clarence Thomas struggled under the same dynamic. We can't have a prominent black conservative appointed to the supreme court. Our template for what a black should do and say will not allow it. How about Miguel Estrada? Another minority that must be destroyed because he didn't tow the company line. They will use lies, distortions, disgruntled co-workers, vindictive almost son in laws, (aka Levi Johnston,) and every trick in the book to not just stop, but completely destroy, anyone who existentially threatens their political fiefdoms.

And of course they are never accused of sexism, bigotry or racism for destroying women, or minorities in their efforts to stereotype every conceivable group in America. But, of course they will accuse others of all those indictments if one of their own is criticized on policy issues. Thankfully Sarah Palin doesn't look at Americans as part of a group or faction, but she looks at them as Americans, with the freedom to pursue their happiness and success without the oppressive hand of government bearing down on them. Oops, did I just suggest she has simplified another complex problem? You Betcha!


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