Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Redistribution of Wealth Goes Global

We all remember when Barack Obama told Joe the Plumber that he wanted to spread the wealth around. Well he is making good on his word. Redistribution policies are in vogue in Washington. The wealth of America is being returned to its rightful owners according to this administration. But did we consider China as one of the rightful owners?

As our debt continues to grow, and this administration projects 1 trillion dollar deficits through 2019, do most Americans understand that 40 cents out of every dollar tax payers send the federal government goes to service that debt? Yes, you heard it right, 40 cents of every dollar simple pays the interest on our collective debt. 40 cents that can't be used to improve our infrastructure, or increase our defenses, or pay entitlements like social security and medicare. Who holds our debt? Well according to statistics from the federal government China is buying approximately half of all new debt. Much of America's treasure is going to the Communist Chinese government, that enslaves it's citizens through political purging, torture and imprisonment.

Many that have gotten into credit card trouble understand the predicament of servicing a debt that eats a larger and larger percentage of their income. With more foreign countries buying our debt, a greater percentage of Americans hard earn tax dollars are being wired to foreign governments world wide.

Another global redistribution policy of this administration and democrats in congress is the cap and trade legislation passed through the house and now under debate in the senate. The huge unilateral taxes and fees on American companies and individuals will not be reciprocated from the two biggest polluters China, and India. So once again Americans will be footing the bill for environmental cleanup, propagated by junk science and ideological nut cases here in America, and around the world. The ever giving taxpayer takes it in the shorts once again.

How about the huge transfer of wealth from this country to terrorist sponsoring states in the Middle East because the messiah and congress refuse to allow off shore drilling and exploration and extraction of the billions and billions of barrels of crude oil and natural gas at our fingertips. And this president has the audacity to transfer ten billion dollars to Brazil for exploration off their coast, at the behest of that generous democrat donor, George Soros.

Was this the change you can believe in? The next time you find it hard to make ends meet, or you can't buy that new pair of shoes or sports equipment for a deserving son or daughter, think about the waste and redistribution of your hard earned tax dollars, and dare to get mad. Call a congressman or senator. Voice your complaints, about this global redistribution. Rise up with people in your own neighborhood and community. Start a grass roots movement to inform Washington you are not the world's provider. America is a generous and giving land, but if was never intended to be the clearing house for governments world wide. Do you want your president to protect the hard earned dollars of it's citizens, or be re distributor of America's treasure? Right now it seems the later is his goal.

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