Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Are these the Changes America Believes In?

Here are just a few of the changes the country is experiencing since the election of Barack Obama. Read them and the associated articles and determine for yourself if this is the change you can believe in!

Making the phrases spending billions and spending trillions interchangeable!

The zeros behind the national debt are no longer counted!

Monopoly money has replaced the American dollar

Terrorism removed from our lexicon for man-caused disasters!

A terrorist attack described as road rage!

the glide to racial harmony sidetracked by this presidents commentary about the Gates affair!

Critics of the president called racists

Protesters formerly described as the highest form of patriot now being called Tea Baggers, and Nazis!

Partisanship evolving into hyper partisanship!

Bipartisanship more apparent in opposing legislation that congress continues to pass!

Free market capitalism changed into European style socialism!

Wealth creation attacked and turned into wealth redistribution!

Politicians running banks, car and insurance companies,

A news organization attacked for doing it's job

Other news organizations evolving from democracies watchdog, to the administration's lapdog!

Those same news organizations wanting bailouts from the people they're supposed to be antagonistic toward!

Socialist leaders and tyrants praising the leader of the free world

Our longtime allies criticizing the leader of the free world

All our enemies are loving us!

All our Friends are questioning us!

Chicago style politics is now more popular than Chicago style pizza!

Common sense being replaced with arrogant elitism!

Private jet
travel only allowed for legislators and bureaucrats!

Vegas vacations are for political fundraisers only!


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  1. Wow! Talk about someone doing some serious homework! This is a fantastic resource- thanks for posting it!

    The roof is in the pudding, folks. Listed above are just some examples of our current government leaders in action.

    How's that Hope and Change working out for ya?