Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Obama The Millstone

  The democrats are trying to put the best face possible on the upcoming midterms, but with Halloween just around the corner, it's simply a clown mask hiding their fear. They know that the house is lost, and lost significantly, and with recent trends in the senate races their majority  is slipping through their fingers in the upper chamber also.  Races that weren't suppose to be close, such as West Virginia are moving decidedly against them. The popular governor of West Virginia who was supposed to be a shoe in for the senate is now down by 5 points to businessman John Raese. It seems the idea of someone going to Washington that may support the Obama agenda, even though he's popular in statewide politics is persona non grata to the people of West Virginia. We are beginning to see the Obama millstone pulling democrats under water and and causing them to gasp for air

Russ Feingold is now down by double digits to businessman Ron Johnson in Wisconsin. Feingold has always been popular in the Badger state, but not in this cycle. He has faithfully supported the Obama change, which isn't what the people voted for, and now is paying the price in a state that recently has been trending left. That is until now. The RCP averages are changing daily. The toss up states are shrinking while the leaning and likely republican states are growing. And states that were likely democrat are moving to leaning democrat like New York, and Connecticut. The only positive for democrats is the Barbara Boxer race in California that has moved from toss up to leaning democrat. Of course California has been reliably positive for Obama. Is it any wonder that their state is on the verge of economic collapse? 

It seems the democrats have concluded they can't run on Obama Care, the stimulus, cap and trade or financial reform, so we're seeing them attack personally with smear and negative attack ads. I spent four days recently in Vegas, and Harry Reid continues to pound Sharron Angle as extreme and dangerous. He's running about three times the ads she is, but a recent Fox poll shows her with a three point lead. My conclusion is that this race is over and Harry is gone. With all he's spent, he still can't get above 50% and her support is solidifying. That same Fox poll shows that those Angle supports still willing to change their vote has dropped from 10% to 4% since the last polling cycle. And we all know the undecided voters usually break for the challenger at the end of a campaign. 

The new Gallup poll that sampled only likely voters shows the GOP with a 13 point lead in the generic ballot. That is huge! But, when you consider that the democrats hold such a huge majority and the anti incumbent mood is as significant as it is that 13% may be an understatement. Most democrats under fire have been Obama agenda sycophants, and the only democrats running on Obama care and the stimulus are those that voted against them. What a difference 20 months makes. We all remember the democrat congress euphoric on inauguration day with the anointing of their savior Barack Obama. They now controlled the executive, and both houses of congress with huge majorities. They fell in line behind the pied piper of partisan politics. They took their so-called mandate and over reached. The rammed everything they possible could down the throats of a gagging electorate, with parliamentary maneuvers and bribes. Now their savior has turned into a millstone. Even Houdini would be hard pressed to escape from the chains of the weight that they voluntarily attached to themselves. The pendulum is swinging way back, and the American people deserve praise for due diligence in reversing the trend to servitude and economic collapse. November 3rd will be remembered as the day the bodies of democrats were seen scattering the ocean floor, drowned by the millstone named Barack Obama.
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