Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tea Party Vs. Republican Establishment

  Does anyone remember how when the Tea Party really took root last summer, many were theorizing that this movement would hurt the republican party? If they didn't get their way they'd possibly launch third party candidates. They'd split the conservative vote, and insure democrat victories. What a difference a year makes. Now we're seeing the establishment republicans hurting the GOP chances in November.  First we have Charlie Crist in Florida deciding because he couldn't win a republican primary against Tea Party favorite Marco Rubio, he'd run as an independent. The only problem with this strategy is that he's now splitting the liberal vote between himself and the democrat nominee, Kendrick Meeks. Rubio is pulling away and rightfully labels Crist an opportunist.

Now you have Lisa Murkowski in Alaska deciding she'll run a write in campaign to preserve her senate seat, and will do nothing but hurt Joe Miller, the Tea Party candidate's,  chance of defeating his democrat opponent. She says Alaskans are begging her to do this because they can't accept the extremist views of Joe Miller. She touted her, bringing home the bacon credentials in her primary battle against Miller. Apparently with the federal deficits ballooning to frightening excesses, republicans in Alaska decided they wanted some fiscal and constitutional limits put on the federal government. Apparently the crippling debt is not extremist, but constitutional limits are. In reality she's trying to cling to power like Charlie Crist and hurting the GOP and their chances of retaking the senate are secondary to her hold on power. 

And then of course there's the new media sensation Christine O'Donnell being vilified by establishment republicans like Carl Rove, who again Sunday continued to point out Christine's flaws on Fox News Sunday. One has to wonder if because Rove initially trashed her, he's now doubling down to preserve an, "I told you so," moment. He seems more concerned about defending his reputation as a political guru than doing what he can to help the much maligned and vilified O'Donnell. Mike Castle has yet to endorse O'Donnell, even though he was beaten easily by a six point margin. Rove seems obsessed with the fact O'Donnell has had financial problems, which says he doesn't have any real connection to everyday Americans as it is evident she does. During her speech at the Values Voters Summit over the weekend she had an excellent line. In talking about the Washington bureaucrats weaseling their way into our private lives, she said, "They'll buy your teenage daughter an abortion, but they won't let her buy a sugary soda in the school vending machine." An apt disconnect that the Washington elites have with real America.

It's evident it's the establishment republicans that are whining and threatening to take their toys and go home if their power is threatened. Seems that a gaping character flaw is being exposed in some republicans, who see their influence waning, and the very real prospect they've over stayed their welcome. The Tea Party seems to not only be a threat to democrats, but also republicans who like the status quo. Remember they said that Rand Paul couldn't win, but he's leading substantially. Marco Rubio was not ready for prime time, but look at him now. Ron Johnson is leading Russ Feingold in Wisconsin, and Joe Miller will beat back Murkowski's arrogant and selfish attempt to hold power. And then of course there's Sharron Angle, who all the establishment republicans said was the only candidate Harry Reid could beat. She's running neck and neck with him, and the undecideds always break for the challenger. And of course let's not forget, according to Maureen Dowd, the "Palin mini me," Christine O'Donnell, that was 15 points down one week before the primary and stilled pulled it out. 

Today,s news was that the Tea Party Patriots received a one million dollar check from an anonymous donor to be spent across the country. It seems the Tea Party is starting to take root, and their de-centralized leadership is having a profound impact around the country. Their enthusiasm is far superior to the union groups. Liberals are demoralized and conservative ascendancy is  a foregone conclusion for the midterms. Now let's make sure the republican poor losers, have a change of heart and support the nominees of the party. If they continue as they are they will be insignificant and bitter relics. The great thing about our form of government is that the people will eventually rule. Let's remember that 4 million more republicans voted in the primaries than democrats did. That was due to the Tea Party movement. The establishment should be welcoming that enthusiasm.  Now let's rally the troops for an enormous victory on November second.
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