Saturday, October 17, 2009

Rush Gets Borked

I've Listened and been a fan of the Rush Limbaugh show since 1990. I find Rush Informative, humorous, and above all in agreement with almost all my conservative views. I listen to Rush because he can take an issue and articulate it and bring greater clarity, and perspective. He is one of the most polite and patient host with callers on air today. His parodies of the left are the most cutting and entertaining. Of course Rush is controversial. His show wouldn't be what it is, if he wasn't. Why was he denied a shot at minority interest in the NFL? Is he a racist?

Rush's number two man on his show, Bo Snerdley is black. One of his most frequent guest hosts, Walter Williams, is black. Ken Hutcherson, Former NFL player, who Rush regularly calls a good friend is black. Would a racist allow a person of color to guest host his show? Would he hire a black man to work along side of him? Would he consider an African American man one of his dearest and closest friends?

What the media, and the left have done, is taken Rush's opposition to racial politics, and labeled that racism. If you don't tow the progressive stereotype, you'll be David Duked. But, of course they can attempt to crucify a man like Clarence Thomas with unfounded charges and innuendo, and that is not racist. Why? Because his politics don't match theirs. And if it ever gets out that blacks can make it on their own, that they really don't have a pigmentation problem, what does that do to their power? They won't be needed. No need for them to incessantly insist, "we will help you, because you're incapable of helping yourself." Talk about Racism! Talk about a soft bigotry, that implies inferiority. Why do progressives constantly disparage minorities by insinuating that if you don't have us you have nothing? We're here to help you. Help you what. Point out that your black or another minority. They know they're black. God made them that way, and God doesn't make mistakes, but the implication from the left is, he did, and now you need us to square the score. It's condescending, and arrogant.

The irony that defines this whole incident, is that the minority players in the NFL, are probably more inclined to agree with Rush's take on prosperity and rugged individualism. The liberals in congress and the media didn't spend years in the weight room and practice sessions to acquire the strength and skill level to be an NFL player. These players made it by following a dream and spilling bucket loads of sweat, and overcoming sprained ankles and bruised and aching bodies. Most all athletes don't want a majority of their income confiscated from them because those same liberals think they are better able to pick and choose where it should go. If those minority players took the time to listen to Rush on a regular basis, instead of buying into the template the mainstream media has perpetrated about Rush, they would find much in common.

Where do we go from here? First the media that broadcasts un-sourced and false quotes and attribute them to an individual that doesn't agree with their racial politics should be shunned. The progressives who divide America, and disparage blacks by insinuating, you can't make it without us, need to be defeated and marginalized. And last, minority players who agree that rugged individualism and hard work, is the way to get ahead, must stand for that principle without fear of being Uncle Tom-ed to death. True racial parity will only be realized when American's stop considering color as a basis for ridicule or entitlement, and allow God's children to dream, and pursue their goals unabated. Let's all dream Dr. King's dream, "that all men should be judged not on the color of their skin, but on the content of their character."


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