Saturday, October 10, 2009

Nobel Peace Prize? Who's the joke really on?

After waking yesterday morning and hearing the news that Barack Obama was awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace, I immediately chuckled and whispered to myself, "typical that the left leaning, socialist loving Nobel committee would honor one of their own." It's obvious they feel they've found a new soul mate. A kindred spirit. The new 21st century snake charmer who can with a poof of pixie dust, disable dangerous dictators and despots. They see him as the new hope for a world at war, a wannabe peace nick, willing to beer summit holocaust denying race bait-ers. The kind of friend seeking high school principle, we all loved, because you could weasel him out of every detention session and expulsion threat. The One that was apt at saying, "this is your last warning." He's a UN kinda man, that loves sanctions and resolutions, but despises the teeth behind them.

The kind of "Man of Peace," that garners praise from Moammar Gaddafi,
at his UN speech and was called more left wing than Hugo Chavez and Castro, by none other than Hugo Chaves.
No other man in recent decades has so appealed to the world wide appeasers, those beta dog back scratchers, who would never threaten the Alpha dog at any canine gathering.

Who is this insidious joke on? How about allies Poland, and the Czech republic, who put their necks on the line and were unceremoniously undercut by the new, "Man of Peace," when he scuttled the missile defense plan for central Europe. And then there's the Afghan women, who soon will once again be caned and tortured, when their veils slip because the "Man of Peace," has signaled he may give the Taliban a place at the political table in the Afghan government. What about Israel, who will be going it alone to stop the Iranians from engineering another holocaust with their nuclear ambitions. how about the CIA, whose morale is bottoming out because the "Man of Peace" OK'd the investigation and possible prosecution of their work in securing life saving information. And of course last but not least, while American service personnel labor in inclement conditions to prevent a new Al Qaeda staging ground, the new "man of Peace," is hesitating on whether or not to send in reinforcements. These brave men and women are left high and dry, their blood coloring the afghan topography while the "man of Peace," ponders how he'll satisfy his left,while not politically hurting himself, and at the same time live up to the Oslo narrative.

While the "Man of Peace" continues his apology tour around the globe, the American haters befriend and canonize him. They lift him to a deified status, based on nothing more than his insistence to fundamentally remake America. The land that has been the dream destination for oppressed and impoverished people for decades. America, the first to defend and the first to arrive when catastrophe hits. The land of opportunity, and enlightenment. While the world adores and praises the "man of Peace," America's interests, along with it's allies' are marginalized and muffled by the deafening adulation. Yes, the new "man of Peace," has made new friends. But, just like the old adage states, " with friends like these, who needs enemies."

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  1. Love your stuff! Friday morning was extremely surreal, reading about this prize thing on Yahoo.

    Intention is everything; substance is nothing. Welcome to the New Camelot Obama Nation.