Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Que Sarah: Sarah:

Whatever will be will be. The future's not ours to see. Que Sarah: Sarah: The future may hold one undeniable truth. Sarah Palin is the ultimate anti elitist politician, and therefore she should position herself as thus. President Obama prepares his summer vacation at Blue Heron Farm, in Martha's Vineyard, near the small town of Chilmark, which the Vineyard Gazette said in 2007 was the most expensive small town in America. Heron farm rents at a weekly rate of $50,000 dollars. It has practice golf facilities, a basketball court, beach access and a swimming pool. Perfect for a president leading us through, in his words, "the worst economy since the great depression." A vacation spot for his Washington cronies to come and party on $100 a lb. Japanese imported steak, and impromtu Chicago style pizza parties, with a chef flown in on a private jet. Meanwhile, Sarah continues to be the champion of the common man. That may be why even some beltway conservatives, like David Brooks, David Frum, and ex Reagan speech writer Peggy Noonan have all trashed Sarah. Being a media conservative in Washington sometimes has it's drawbacks. You must kowtow to attain gigs on, This Week, and Meet The Press, and characterizing Sarah Palin as in Peggy's words "stupid," will ensure that. After all, Sarah is the elite media's favorite punching bag, especially since Bush has exited stage left.

The GOP top dogs, better watch how they treat this Alaskan interloper, because there is a huge anti elitist sentiment growing in the country, with Obama being the poster boy. If the Republican party continues it's slide to Democrat lite, there may be an uprising of monumental proportions, with Sarah leading the way. She should keep the photo ops coming, wearing her waders, picking fish out of nets, while the media feverishly tries to catch Obama hobnobbing with the rich and powerful at Martha's Vineyard.

She should continue to expose this administration as wasting our hard earned tax dollars, while living the life of privilege. Present them as synonymous with the old Soviet Politburo, that routinely imposed their egalitarian Utopia, while they themselves lived the life of unbridled avarice. While this administration continues to feed the flames of class warfare they are a class onto themselves, and they know it.

So, Sarah, keep the images of picking fish and watching snow machine races, and holding your precious baby, even though the elites in Washington will continue to characterize you as unsophisticated, old fashioned, and ill equipped. Keep speaking common sense, instead of nuance and complexity. Your connection with the common man will continue. And remember this, no matter what they say, the common man votes, and there are more of them, than snobby elites!..



    That's what I see in Sarah Palin.

  2. you posted a comment on Noonan's latest rant so here I am reading your blog. So far so good and I'm so glad you seem to be positive concerning Sarah Palin. She is the fresh air our country needs especially what is going on with the current administration. Tomorrow isn't soon enuff, u betcha!!!