Friday, July 17, 2009

affirmative action reaches new heights.

During this last campaign cycle I was very impressed with the glowing and lofty rhetoric of Barack Obama. And even though I'm a conservative, I was impressed to the point of wanting to support him, and do away with the stereotype that America is a racist country, once and for all. But after reviewing his senate voting record, and radical associations, I knew I couldn't support him. Well, his election was nonetheless historic, and he certainly did run a masterful, albeit relatively unchallenged campaign. The media which is historically referred to as democracy's watchdog, seems to have turned into Obama's lapdog. It was very clear, they had found their standard bearer. Extremely liberal, although he hid that well, and a minority candidate. Now that he's been elected they seem to have a vested interest in making sure he succeeds. The question is, would another liberal with the identical policies of Barack Obama, that was not a minority, have ever been elected.

Now six months in, we have trillion dollar deficits and an unprecedented foray into the private sector by this administration. These extreme liberal policies come with the backdrop that 40% of Americans identify themselves as conservative and only 21% as liberal. A recent Gallop poll shows a strong majority still support his job performance, citing his hard work and effort tackling hard issues. But, the same majority are troubled by huge deficit spending and government takeovers. Why the disconnect?

Could it be that a heartfelt shame of past racism has brought affirmative action to the office of president? Is our first African American president getting preferential treatment, and a green light go ahead, simply because he's our first African American president? Is there a soft bigotry that infers special allowances? Are we rooting for him because of his race? Could it be that we are willing to sacrifice our personal liberties, and free market capitalism, simply to assuage our collective guilt? Even though this mindset may be sincere and well intended, it falls far short of Martin Luther King's admonition, that, "we should judge a man on the content of his character, not on the color of his skin"!

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  1. The answer to all your rhetorical questions is YES!